Thursday, March 27, 2008

More spring break

OK, so I resized my pics so hopefully this will help. On to the pics.

Cartwheeling in Stockholm

A comparison using Swedish Krone and the euro. On the left, coins adding up to 10 krone, in the middle a 10 krone piece, and on the right a euro (10 swedish krone equals a euro)

The hostel in Oslo was really nice, but out in the middle of nowhere. Here's the view from the hostel

Before spring break I hadn't eaten McDonald's in about a year. I ate it three times in the eight days I was in Scandinavia. My first taste of European McDonald's with the 15 krone Chicken sandwich

Some pretty Oslo scenery pics:

Tara and me in Oslo's City Hall

The Nobel Peace Prize Center where they announce the winners every year.

University of Oslo

The Mini Bottle Gallery. You guessed it-everything is made out of mini bottles.

Downtown Copenhagen. Copenhagen was freaking cold. And its biggest attraction-Tivoli, a giant amusement part/night life area- was closed until April. Sarah and I got in to Copenhagen on Wednesday. Thursday was Maudry Thursday, a national holiday having something to do with Easter. So the city basically shuts down Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for Easter.

Carlsberg Brewery. Of course it was closed, altghough we did get to walk through it. It was basically a small city.

Some more Naples and Capri pictures from a few weeks ago:

A minute after landing on the island of Capri, about an hour boat ride from Naples

For 50 euros this guy made sandals of your choosing right in front of you. Sarah bought a pair.

We took a chair lift across the island. Here is the view from the lift.

The Tyrrhenian Sea in the background

Capri Sun.

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