Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sprechen Sie Englisch? Adventures in Deutschland

Tara and I left the apartment at 5:15 a.m. Friday. Three bus rides and a two-hour plane ride later we were in Frankfurt, and a little unsure of what to do.

So I got my upper ear cartilage pierced.

With my ear newly pierced and my first German Coca-Cola Light quenching my thirst, Tara and I decided to set some goals for our weekend:
1. Eat bratwurst
2. Drink Apple Wine (Frankfurt's speciality)
3. Find David Hasselhoff (or a life-size poster, CD, cassette, etc.)

We were immediately successful

We then checked into our youth hostel where one of the girls working at the desk heard us speaking English and asked if we wanted her to show us around (she wanted to practice her English with us). We saw all of Frankfurt's major sites with her.

Eighty percent of Frankfurt was destroyed during WWII. This is old town Frankfurt.

And this is some of the modern part

As of Friday night we were unable to find The Hoff. We woke up bright and early Saturday and headed to Mainz, a little town outside of Frankfurt.

We were still unsuccessful in finding David.

Saturday night we went to a local tavern to drink some Apple Wine and eat some local cuisine.

My face is really red, but if you look at the empty Apple Wine glass in front of me you'll understand why.

Sunday we got lost and spent several hours on Frankfurt's train system.

Here are some more random Frankfurt pictures:


Courtney Sargent said...

I'm intrigued...what are you thinking about doing?

Stephanie said...

I seem to remember seeing you cartwheel in another picture somewhere too!