Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Carnival in Venizia!

I spent all weekend in Venizia (Venice) at Carnival. It was crazy but fun. I stayed in a nunnery for the first time with three other girls in my room. It was really, really cold and raining, but the atmospher was awesome. All weekend people were dressed up in costumes and wearing masks. It was capped off with a big performance Saturday night in their main piazza. It reminded me of what I imagine Times Square is like on New Year's Eve. (FYI: I only brought a sweater, hoodie and jacket with me for four months, and even fewer things to Venice, so until I break down and buy more clothes I will be wearing the same things over and over.)

At dinner Friday night with Rocio

A band we saw play Friday night. Everyone loved this trombone player.

Getting my face painted

The finished product

View from gondola ride

Acrobats performing Saturday night

I bought a cheap mask while Tara was very excited about her cape.


Courtney Sargent said...

I wish your photos were bigger! p.s.-your face paint is amazing! I wish I could call you, I miss our long talks about life : (

Susan said...

This looks like so much fun! Thanks for keeping us up to date!
Susan Z